Hard Row to Hoe Winery is Naughty by Nature

In with keeping with Vino Noire’s mission, to ALWAYS bring you interesting and provocative content, this week’s blog focuses on a  A Hard Row to Hoe – a vineyard that will cause your heart to palpitate whether you are naughty or nice!  Consider these intriguing questions:

1) Do you have aBurning Desire”?

2) Are you Good in Bed”?

3) Are you sometimes called you a Shameless Hussey or a Nauti Buoy”?

If so, then go ahead and let your imagination run wild while you enjoy the Ice Breaker!

All of these provocative wines are from Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards  and they are simply delightful.  You won’t be disappointed when you go visit the Hard Row to Hoe Vineyard.  Let owners Judy and Don Phelps seduce you into signing up for the “OAR House” wine club; they will give you the historical context behind the name and location of the vineyard, and the history of Edgemont Lodge (which now houses the winery) in the Point Lovely area of Washington State.


Don’t miss the boat on these varietals.  We (WBC#13 Pre-Excursion Attendees) didn’t!

Hard Row










Brief tasting notes from the winery are provided below.


The Nauti Buoy is 95% Riesling, 5% Gewürztraminer and his vital statistics are:  13% Alcohol,   2.2% Residual Sugar, and a pH of 3.1.  He represents the terroir of Lake Chelan with strong minerality! His cologne exudes citrus and apples!  $22.00

The Shameless Hussy Rosé is a blend of Primitivo and Syrah and her vital statistics are:  12.2% Alcohol, 1.5% Residual Sugar, and a pH of 3.1.  She will make you blush with her intense raspberries and watermelon flavors and her spiciness will keep you coming back for more.  $18.00




Burning DesireThis Burning Desire is an Estate Cabernet Franc and its vital statistics are: 14.5% Alcohol, 0.01% Residual Sugar, and pH of 3.6.  Its has lush velvety tannins, dark red fruit flavors with the right amount mocha and spice which leaves everything nice (;-) $45.00





The Ice Breaker is an ice cider made from 100% Braeburn Apples and its vital statistics are: 9% Alcohol, and a pH of 3.10. It SITs Ice Breaker(Sweet, Intense and Tart) well on your palate just like a delicious caramel apple. $40.00




Good in BedThis Good in Bed sparkler is 100% Pinot Noir and its vital statistics are: 12.2% Alcohol, 10 g/L Dosage. Its apples, berries and bread flavor make you wonder “what else do you need in bed?” $40.00

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