Raise a Glass of Red to Your Health

Raise a Glass of Red Wine to Your Health!

If you just naturally love red wine, then you probably don’t need any other reason to raise a glass of red.  But for those who have not yet learned to appreciate the character of red wines, then perhaps the health benefits of red wine will persuade you to find a varietal of red wine that fits your fancy.  There are many health benefits of drinking red wine in moderation not the least of which are the cardiovascular benefits to your heart health.

Heart Health Benefits

In 1992 Harvard researchers concluded moderate alcohol consumption as one of the “eight proven ways to reduce coronary heart disease risk.” Since then, research has suggested specifically that red wine is the most beneficial to your heart health. The cardio-protective effect has been attributed to antioxidants present in the skin and seeds of red grapes.[1]

Scientists believe the antioxidants, called flavonoids, reduce the risk of coronary heart disease in three ways:

  1. By reducing production of low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol (also know as the “bad” cholesterol);
  2. By boosting high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol (the good cholesterol); and
  3. By reducing blood clotting.[2]

 Other Health Benefits or Red Wine

  • Sleep.  Melatonin found in red wine, especially Cabnernet Sauvignon, Chianti, and Merlo regulates the body clock and drinking a glass before bed may help you sleep.  
 Melatonin is also an anti-oxidant, which means it also has anti-aging and cancer preventative properties.
  • Longevity.  
A compound in red wine called resveratrol has been shown to increase lifespan in animal studies.
  • Brain Health.  
Resveratrol has been shown to protect against Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.
  • Lung Cancer.  
Researchers from Spain found that each glass of red wine per day reduced the risk of lung cancer by 13%.
  • Prostate Cancer.  Four or more glasses of red wine per week has been shown to reduce men’s overall risk of prostate cancer by 50% and the risk of the most aggressive forms of prostate cancer by 60%.
  • Breast Cancer.  
Moderate consumption of red wine is believed to lower the risk of breast cancer. However, drinking more than 1 or 2 alcoholic drinks per day appears to increase the risk of breast cancer in women, so moderation is key.
  • Colds.  
Researchers in Spain found that people who drank more than two glasses of red wine per day have 44% fewer colds than people who abstained.
  • Inflammation
.  Resveratrol has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, which helps overall physical health since many diseases and ailments can be attributed to inflammation.[3]

How much red wine should I drink?

A four-ounce glass of wine is equivalent to one serving. Men will benefit from consuming one to two servings per day. Women should consume only one serving per day to reap the maximum benefits.[4]  VN is not suggesting you should start drinking if you do not currently drink:  nor are we suggesting excessive consumption of wine or any other alcoholic beverage.  Long-term, excessive alcohol consumption can damage nerve cells, the liver and the pancreas. Heavy drinkers are also at risk for malnutrition, as alcohol may substitute for more nutritious foods.

As we spend time this month focusing on Red Wines in all their splendor, we hope that you will be inspired to get IN THE RED with us.  You will enjoy the delicious varietals, while Raising a Glass to Your Health!


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